BRW-Spa Bed

BRW health mattresses - relax during sleep

BRW health mattresses - relax during sleep


Implementation: 1 x couch surface – height 13.5 cm

BRW Really Protect foam RG 40 – STH 5,3

Relations:             MicroCare, MicroCare-Silverline, aloe Vera,

Processing:        quilted or unquilted


Prevention is better than cure!

Now, in addition, with a new enlarged shoulder zone, by the easy change from head on foot part variabl by your wishes is usable.

Vicious circle of muscle tension

® DR R. Ackermann

Joint capsules and ligaments, meniscus and intervertebral discs are standing, sitting and moving in permanently loaded to pressure or train. The muscle is continuously strained. Standing and sitting in particular stress the spine. The tired and strained muscles fail cramps. This leads to reduced blood flow. Metabolites accumulate in itself. The result is a lack of oxygen. The pain and thus the tension. A vicious circle of back pain.

The Wellness couch sureface is identical to the orthopedic matress, but ist less hard.  

A through-deck 10-year warranty up to 120 kg body weight


Covers: around zip
Micro Care, Silverline Micro Care, Aloe Vera

BRW Sleeping systems and couch surfaces need no special duckboards

The foam body is evaporateable to 120 ° and, hence, is suited perfectly with allergies.