Press release from the BDC

Press release from the BDC


Chiropractic: sleep

Sleeping is part of the daily routine and brings us the necessary relaxation from the stresses of the day. The sleep relaxes the body and the soul can find peace.

To what extent has nothing to do with the sleeping back pain?

Intuitively, it lays down like when your back hurts. Of course, this is basically correct.

However, two factors are crucial:

The rest and relaxation factor
The mobilization factor

American Chiropractor
studies have found that the load on the intervertebral discs in the standing / running 3 times higher, while sitting, but 11 x higher than in the resting state.
Since sitting and standing, the spine and only charged them lying down relieves the bed is of particular medical importance.
On the other hand, we know that the immobilization in bed can lead (for example, the lumbago), for various reasons, the chronic events. Only the picture of the events of acute intervertebral disc with paralysis and eventual failure symptoms or febrile illness strict bed rest is indicated.
For professional chiropractor who take direct influence on the nervous system, it is essential that the spinal fluid may pulsate undisturbed in its natural rhythm. Each rotation or twisting of the spinal cord leads to irritation of adjacent nerves and thus cause health problems. So much emphasis on healthy, natural sleep is placed.

In everyday conversations with patients is one surprised to find how little he deals with his own bed, where he spends but a third of his life. There will be people who are every 3 - 4 years buy a new car, but the bed is 10 years and older. "This is a good bed, as has been the grandmother slept in it" are not rare statements. And if you then also puts into the children, the foundation for spinal problems have been almost inevitable.
In the view of chiropractic is the right bed is of great importance for the prevention and rehabilitation of back problems. In the only real recovery phase of the body which lies between 6 and 9 hours, should not add to body stress produced by a false lying surface.
But what is the right mattress?
We distinguish this principle to the present age of the patient, the weight of his illness and diagnosis.

Defined diseases:
Because that is where the skeletal system is in a massive aging and degeneration process (ankylosing spondylitis, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, inflammatory spinal disease, inflammatory rheumatic disorders, and diabetes), which is not the disease permits to prohibit tougher to ordinary lying areas This by itself lying areas are asked to envelop the patient, "packed in cotton wool" in the bedroom. The surface material must conform to the body and avoid any pressure points.
Not recommended

So-called futon or innerspring mattresses are inappropriate here, they are much too harsh for the sensitive structures of bone, joints and surrounding tissues.

Latex and foam materials with possible corresponding variable in height pillow. Basically, "Suck it", especially in those cases. If a product can not be tried and that 2 - 3 weeks, you buy elsewhere.
Nonspecific back pain:

The spine has a physiological lordosis in the cervical area, a thoracic kyphosis in the area, and again a lordosis in the lumbar region. In the upper part mattresses therefore would have to head to sink a little, so that a cervical hyperextension is prevented. The thoracic kyphosis in the segment should see the light of the mattress, then shortly thereafter the material would have to look again padding to support the lumbar lordosis. After this drop in demand again, to place the pool properly. That should work it back into position. A back sleeper here should find out by trial beds, as during the 6 - 9 hours sleep relieves his spine so that can find the back muscles relax enough.
Quite different - the side sleeper: Here is the shoulder with his head in a straight line means revealed just as the pelvis with the lumbar spine with BWS. The "Einsink or infill areas are indeed near the back sleeper, but usually not accurate. Again and again: Try it.
Stomach sleeper, it should not even exist in spinal patients. From this perspective a permanent chiropractic cervical irritation is produced. Many small spine problems including severe shoulder-hand syndrome is often done by itself when the stomach sleeping position is abandoned.
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Futons - this coming from Japan, sleeping pad, designed mostly by intermediate layers to European conditions may, in healthy backs have some positive aspects. The above physiological needs for back pain patients are often not met or insufficient.

Natural mattresses -.. Often a combination of different materials (sheep wool / coconut / hemp combinations are available in different hardnesses and must be tried Solely, the above listed criteria be crucial for a purchase, it may be due to pressure loads and unnatural sleeping positions to circulatory disorders, numbness and pain to come.

Latex Mattress - Natural Latex * offers a precise anatomical body fit and thus supports the extension of the spinal column and the complete relaxation of the muscles during sleep. Various degrees of hardness of the latex and the combination with other materials allow individual adjustment of the bed properties. In addition, the material is resistant to bacteria and mildew - but sometimes there are allergy problems - because of the latex material. (* Latex foam is now sadly no longer a pure natural product, but still very processed with chemicals.)

Foam mattresses * - actually the best mattress for back pain patients. The pressure relieving properties of these materials significantly reduce the need to constantly change the situation. The pressure is evenly distributed over a larger area and stimulates blood circulation. The body parts (head - shoulder -. Back to the material sink in evenly and deeply, so that the mattress adjusts to the body shape and the body is supported in any sleeping position with a correct attitude, too supine adapts the material to the physiological conditions in accordance with to, but also here:.. test it out - for at least 2 - 3 weeks, various manufacturers offer additional effects on their mattresses, for example those that promote blood circulation, or those with anti-allergic effects - this is why the foam mattress probably the most expensive, especially if you even provided with durability / through-deck guarantees.
(E.g. BRW * Sleep Systems ®)

Patient age - Weight
Easy to understand is the fact that a child of 10 years, a different body weight than an adult of 50 years with significant obesity.
Consequently, both can not sleep well on the same mattress, if you put the above-defined criteria as a basis. Grandma's bed may be good for grandma but not on time for the grandchildren. Child-friendly swimming areas are up to 50 kg to structure different than that for adults. The unzähligenHaltungsprobleme of today's children and young people are not only to the alarmingly high obesity, but also often lead to false on beds back.
The hardness of the mattresses are another individual criterion that must be considered when purchasing. In general, there is in almost all types of mattresses of different hardnesses. A 65 kg of patient needs less density in the material, as a 100 kg of subject.


 The hygiene plays an important role in all mattresses. All slabs should be at least every 2 - 3 were purified years, this is done using special vacuum cleaners, or as with some foam mattresses with standard hot-air-cleaners.
The Allergy attention to anti-allergic covers and the fact that you need to complete the bed so as to clean linens. Mattresses take 3-4 years to about 70 liters sweat, the bacteria danger increases the susceptibility to allergies.
Basically, healthy people buy their mattresses, wherever you get them. Sick people should always buy in stores or seek advice by trained therapists can.
Water beds are not suitable for back sufferers.

Conclusion: For chiropractic point of view carries the "real" mattress very activate in support of our efforts in, administering to the pulse of our adjustments, the self-healing powers of the body. Back pain should not be, and certainly not by the wrong choice of mattresses.