CERVINORM ® – a German high-class product
Compare to the best nape supporting cushions of the world and feel the difference!
The CERVINORM® cushion paradise of BRW leaves open no more wishes!
*CERVINORM® was developed with the knowledge and experiences of the American chiropractic in a German remedial-practical centre for neuro chiropractic and atlas correction in cooperation with sleep systems BRW, for over 10 years recommended by the alliance of German chiropractors inc.
*Jeder person has another cervical vertebra column - more than 800 set possibilities in a cushion. 5 cushions in the different foam types of the optimum protection of the cervical vertebra column at night up to the maximum comfort with ideal form.
* A Steilstellung of the cervical vertebra column mostly originates from a Subluxation of the atlas or lower both cervical vertebras C5 and C6 – with the CERVINORM® VARIO PROTECT – cushion can be put the pressure and the discharge on the single cervical vertebras precisely and be adapted – for the perfect and individual cushion.
* Thanks of the interchangeable and swivelling Cervinorm ® Vario role of different foamed plastics the adaptation to the cervical vertebra column can be adapted even more to a great extent, than up to now possibly.
* The CERVINORM® cervical vertebra column cushion was developed to restore the natural hollow back / curve of the cervical vertebra column overnight and to protect.
* CERVINORM® has a unique double curve to spare the atlas vertebra and to relieve the upper cervical vertebra column.
* The CERVINORM® double curve lets the head in back position on the lower curve sink more softy and stabilises the head in Seitlage by the upper curve
* The freely combinable BWS role can be used if requested to support the upper dorsal vertebrae and to relieve the crossing of neck to dorsal vertebra column.
* CERVINORM® cushion are often adjustable by the height as well as in the corner to the body. For women and men, children and youngsters, people with wide and narrow shoulders, for severe and light people, at every old person.
For the best sleep and a healthy spine till the old age.


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Visco-Protect foam, 6-fold height-adjustably and inclination-adjustably with Visco-Varioplatte, role BWS


179.00 *
Product no.: 9007

The Lateral cushion – sets for the protection of the shoulders and arms.

Now sleeping arms during the night...

79.00 *

can be shipped within 7 - 14 Werk days

Product no.: 9008

CERVINORM ® LATERAL UN for the night protection of the shoulders and arms.

helps in sleeping arms at night.

59.00 *
Product no.: 9009

Premium-Comfort foam, 6-fold height-adjustably and inclination-adjustably with Comfort-Varioplatte The CERVINORM ® CRANIO premium ...  

179.00 *

can be shipped within 7 - 14 Werk days

Protect foam, height adjustable with base lamina


179.00 *
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