F.A.Q.- medical information

F.A.Q.- medical information





"Where our products are produced?"

Our products are manufactured in Baden Württemberg

"How long has this product been?"

The Acupressure mattress and pillows have been around since 1985 and which developed in cooperation with specialists.

A studio was published in April 1987 in general medicine.

Our spa deck area has been entered into with our program for 2005. It has similar properties to the deck surface of the Orthopaedic mattress. It is a good regular mattress did is ideal for the prophylaxis, as Constantly Increasing Especially in children, the back problems, so by obesity and allergies. Here the diet, more exercise and support a good mattress Preventing.

"By splat the products were tested BRW"

Our products have been tested, for example by the Charity Hospital Bad-Mergentheim/Akademisches teaching hospital of the University of Heidelberg, by the federal German chiropractor, by the Orthopaedic University Clinic of Würzburg King Lugwig-house and by Dr. S. Milic.

The effect of the sleep system has therefore been Described in detail by Dr. R. Ackerman ®.

"Are there different fabrics or foams to choose from?"

We offer 3 different fabrics to choose from, quilted and quilted.

"You grant a guarantee?"

BRW sleep system Provides a warranty of 10 years!

"Do you offer a return policy?"

You will receive a return within 30 days. In special cases, a return policy of 90 days will be agreed without additional costs.

"I need your sleep system / sunbathing areas, a special slatted frame?"

For our slabs / sleeping system They require no special slats. There Should Be no older than 12/15 years old and still tight. To unnecessarily expensive and complicated slatted only disturbs the functioning of our mattresses.

"What references can you present?"

    Our references at a glance.