Massage effect

Massage effect





® DR R. Ackermann

The change of pressure and relief just described applies to lean individuals also affect the muscles.

The effect is to a lesser extent the same as on the skin.

Any movement of the body changed, the position and the tips of the pyramid so that the compression areas. The pressure is transmitted through the skin to the muscles, similar to the pressure of the fingers of the masseur.
Indurated muscles relaxed, relaxing, pain caused thereby diminish.

Antiperspirant effect
Even with heavy people, it is not the complete compression of the pyramids. There is always an air volume (pool) in the space between the pyramids. This comes in the night air pool changing situation of the body in motion whereby the circulation of air in the foam-free spaces created.

The result is a better ventilation of the skin. The sleeper sweats less than on conventional mattresses with flat surfaces, especially if it is made ​​out of latex.

The BRW system reduces night sweats due to air currents circulating between the pyramids and thereby improves the quality of sleep. This is a significant advantage over mattress with flat surfaces, especially in summer.

acupressure effect
According to the teachings of Chinese medicine experience are manipulated with acupuncture or acupressure energy flows in the body with needles or finger pressure. By excitation or damping, in a Meridian system of defined, specific organs associated main points to be influenced diseases.

The effectiveness of these methods is now also for Western medicine beyond doubt. To achieve a therapeutic success precisely defined points or combinations of points need to be made precise.