Meaning of the intervertebral discs

Meaning of the intervertebral discs
Which meaning the intervertebral discs have for the forming from
Back pains?
The intervertebral discs serve the spine as a dullness disk and turntable
between the single vertebra bodies. They are elastic buffers similar ones
The auxiliary joints of the spine which increase their mobility. The external one,
Fiber cartilage existing ring surrounds a central jelly nucleus.
In the course of the life the fiber ring wears down. There originates a stability loss,
the vertebras move mutually. First it is thereby
to sore false positions in the small vertebra joints, to itself fast
again improve if the back musculature is relaxing
(local spine syndrome).
At severe and wrong strain of the spine pushes of the intervertebral discs
jelly nucleus the loosened fiber ring outwardly, so that he can press spinal cord and nerve root. According to starch of the pressure the sick person feels
local pains in the back or feeling disorders in the arms or bones
(Slipped disk).
By different medical-therapeutic measures it is able
Musculature are relaxed (drugs, warmth, degree bed storage,
Manual therapy, ergotherapy etc.) by which to itself the pressure on them
Intervertebral disc reduces and glides them again in her original position back.
Only in rare cases these conservative measures are fruitless and one
Operation becomes necessary.
Basically the need is also valid for the damaged disc
the relaxation of the spine muscle system as important ones
therapeutic however also preventing measure.