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To the family of the lily plants counting plant works on the first block like a cactus. Originally she was resident in Africa, but within the years the variously used and in all societies known remedial plant was settled nearly on the whole globe. Today the plant is grown in all climatic suitable regions.

The remedial effect was presumably already known 6000 years ago to the Egyptians. The use is delivered as a drug, cosmetic and to the treatment of wounds. The Roman doctor Diokuride who described around 50 after Christ's prescriptions to the treatment of some hundred clinical pictures called the aloe Vera one of his preferential remedial plants. Also from the Indian and Chinese culture varied uses are delivered.

Since 1940 aloe Vera Bestandteil of the general medicine is in the USA. There the healing power was used first with the treatment by burns by radioactive rays and found afterwards her way in a huge number of uses.

For remedial purposes one uses aloe vera barbaensis. The essence of the pox includes more than 200 components valuable for the people and looks sore-curative among other things, humidity-donating for the skin, anti-microbial and is used for the protection from insects.

Aloe Vera is suited in the right form also processes to the treatment of textiles. The materials improved with it distinguish themselves by a pleasant, soft clutch likeable to skin. Furthermore you offer protection before much too meddlesome insects and work positively on the well-being.

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