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The medical and therapeutic properties of silver have been known and used for thousands of years. In fact, the Romans were the first to document the healing properties of silver. In the 5th Century said Ciro the Great to his troops without silver container to take for water transport into the war, because he knew that they would receive purity and potability of the water.

Proverbs "born with a silver spoon in his mouth" originally meant, during childhood to have greater chances of survival. Today we know that silver
E-coli and salmonella kills. Both organisms were preferably not made of silver cutlery and are considered disease source, if not the cause of death.

Today, silver is widely used for various applications, such as getting American children at birth with silver nitrate eye drops administered to prevent infections.

Silver is characterized by unique properties:
Silver has the highest electrical conductivity
Silver has the highest thermal conductivity
Silver has the highest reflectance of infrared rays
Silver has the best effect in shielding an electromagnetic superposition (EMI)
All these features were unique with Silverline ® into a fabric of
Nature and function united.

Silverline ® utilizes the outstanding properties of silver on its own and is characterized by the following properties:
• natural antimicrobial function
• prevents the formation of unpleasant odors
• optimal antistatic effect
• shielding against electromagnetic waves
• Washable
• permanent since firmly bound
A number of scientific studies confirmed the effect of the silver fiber used include:
New York University, Dr. Philip Terno
The university has the traditional Kirby - Bauer method to determine the effect antimicrobiotic used. The results confirmed not only the outstanding properties of the silver fiber as mikrobiotisches means, but also show that the examined tissue to bacteria resistant to respond in a number of drugs acts inactivating. This determination confirms an effective and economical method to take the growing problem of microbes resistant to antibiotics react in attack.
Tokai University, Dr. Seiki Tazume and Dr. Takahiko Yoshida
This study, which was conducted in Japan, based on a real environment, and works with 20 volunteers to the excellent skills against bacteria and fungi to demonstrate. These results are consistent with the rapid increase of knitted products in the Japanese market. By the Japanese Health Authority has been authorized as an antimicrobial agent.

Silverline ®
Well-being of your sleep

Silver was used 3000 years ago to water tanks to protect against bacterial infection. The same protection force and medical qualities are now used in a mattress cover that holds the bed fresh and clean.

Silverline ® uses a real silver fiber is a natural antimicrobial protection guarantee. The fiber protects against bacterial pollution, bad odor or infection of the mattress by bacteria and salmonella.

Silverline ® uses the same silver fiber to prevent electrostatic charging of the mattress. Electrostatic energy can build up when synthetic fibers rub against each other or just for example, if Their children play with their (synthetic) stuffed animals.

Silverline ® discharges the electrostatic energy that has absorbed during its activities throughout the day, the human body.
The lack of this energy promotes deep and restful sleep.

Silverline ® is resistant and thus washable at 60 ° C.

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