Orthopaedic University Clinic of Würzburg

Orthopaedic University Clinic of Würzburg


Opinion of the Orthopedic University Clinic of Würzburg


2 years of experience in an acute orthopedic hospital

The mattress was, according to the manufacturer specifically for people
Designed with spinal disorders. The surface of the foam mattress is not smooth, but consists of pimples, with the weight shift a
Acupressure and thus exert similar effects during the night to a
Lead to muscle relaxation. The mattress has a wool coat
provided, which is breathable. To supplement is especially true for people who
primarily on the sleeping side of a special wedge-shaped pillow
available that supports the neck and possibly a
horizontal body position leads.

In the Orthopaedic University Clinic Würzburg, King-Ludwig-Haus were
10 of these mattresses tested and retested over 2 years. In these two years was 250
Patients on these mattresses, sleep and rest.

None of the patients had the mattress due to increase in complaints
. change On the contrary, many patients said they were very positive about the
Mattress. Felt primarily in patients with spinal disorders, the
Are sure to be pleasant and praised the hardness of the mattress. The majority
The patient reported that the sleep quality had improved.
The mattress could help alleviate complaints that the spine
were. For the vast lateral position is the wedge-shaped pillow to urgently
, suggest otherwise, the shoulder pad has been found to be too hard.

Overall, the test phase is to be regarded as successful. It represents an enrichment of the therapeutic approach to relieve spinal pain dar.

Würzburg 26th May 1997
Dr. Daniel Knelles