Influencing of organs about Dermatome

Influencing of organs about Dermatome





® DR R. Ackermann

An influence of internal organs through skin stimulation stimuli, however, is understandable, even after scientifically proven, conventional medical knowledge.

In the early development of the human embryonoalen differentiate themselves from "primitive" cell clusters specific basic building blocks of developing organ systems.

In each of these basic building blocks of the systems for different types of tissue such as skin, nerve and liver tissues mature.
As part of the continued growth of the embryo, these tissues receive their final structure and its definitive position in early childhood body. This means that different tissues are scattered in widely separated places, even though they originated from the same block.

The knowledge of these relationships is used in medicine for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. The best known example of this are the dermatomes.

It is to Innervationsbezirke the individual spinal roots on the skin.
If, for example, the nerve root, which between 4 and 5 From the lumbar spinal canal emerges as a result of a herniated disc is clamped, the patient feels pain or numbness in a certain strip-shaped area of ​​skin on the outside of the leg. From the localization of this skin area (dermatome) of the skilled artisan will appreciate the location of disc damage.

Stimulation and potentially positive influence of internal organs through their dermatomes by the pyramid tips is feasible.

As mentioned above, also includes internal organs to this "integrated system". So sick of the gallbladder pain in the right shoulder and the pancreas patient feels those in the range of the left scapula. Conversely, but also to influence the internal organs through the skin is possible. Warm compresses on the abdomen soothe the stomach, because the dermatome is here, and not because the heat could act directly on the stomach.