* fits itself perfectly of every cervical vertebra column in by pleasantly *druckentlastenden BRW-Visco foams
* with the original Cervinorm ® double curve for Back and Seitlage * comfort-oriented with slightly raised foam body
* for the healthy and slightly preinjured cervical vertebra column to the support of the natural Lordose
* 6-fold vertical adjustment and inclination adjustment by provided Varioplatten *ohne Vario roles for maximum loading capacity also for hugging
*Beidseitig usable with 2 conformist double curves for optimum protection for cervical column and dorsal vertebra column
* for optimum lying in back and Seitlage
* with the combinable specially BWS role for a pleasant crossing to the dorsal vertebra column
* high grade from a foam body without every Verklebung made
* Optimum adaptation to head and backbone with 60 ° washable original
* Dual relation BRW from noble Microcare or Microcare Silverline and adaptable Stretch-couch zone * especially well suitably for lighter people

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Visco-Protect foam, 6-fold height-adjustably and inclination-adjustably with Visco-Varioplatte, role BWS


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