5-year test-BDC

5-year test-BDC



Exactly five years ago we started the test bed systems. In the model of BRW ® sleep systems we immediately noticed that was found a smart solution to the heat accumulation by the dimpled surface. Ecologically sound material (foam mattresses), a 10-year warranty through sun and relative strength made us curious.

Today, after a test period of 5 years, we can only say one thing: the perfect mattress for back-ridden patients. If only 40 Kg or 100 Kg heavy patients, this system has no weaknesses. There is after, is to give way where it leaves, but no dents or depressions in the one usually slides into the case of other mattresses that time. Not even the infamous visitor crack is formed at two adjacent areas, by enhancing edges.

A very important consideration in the assessment was that the mattress does not immediately adjust to the body shape, which in some severe forms of disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, etc. must be indispensable. (There is a specific other system.) Here at Chiro-SLEEP-SYSTEM is it important that the sun helps the chiropractor corrected by the back to assist in the wrong position and not by lying down again to make niece.

Therefore, an effect can occur even has a small diagnostic importance:

If you feel the first few days sleeping on the couch spinal pain, you should see a chiropractor ... there's something wrong with the spine.
Healthy patients back to sleep right away well, deep and strong.

A mattress that molds to the body immediately, and the failure identified spinal segments will not notice and would strengthen the state only. One must compare a therapeutically effective deck with a shoe insert, supporting them must be constantly correcting. And exactly this is the therapeutic support Chiro-SLEEP SYSTEM.

One small drawback is the system yet, the patient sleep ever come out, some times in our practices.

(Berlin, 27 July 2006)